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Our mission is to continue to help our members and clients by utilizing the foremost supplementation and nutrition based science.  Our decades of experience and mentorship in the nutrition and fitness field are proudly exemplified in the progress and magnificent accomplishments of our eclectic and varied clientele.  All of whom embody and represent the revolution of nutraceutical science and clinically proven results over and beyond the need of Pharmaceuticals.  

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Route 66 is the perfect solution for our trainers and clients. Their repertoire of cutting edge supplements fit our needs perfectly! We STRONGLY recommend Route 66 to EVERYONE interested in attaining a goal and a successful diet!
Brandon Carter
Not able to tell you how happy I am with Route 66! Ive lost over 15% body fat and increased my muscle index dramatically! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results.
Luca Penza
I’ve seen amazing results already. No matter where you go, Route 66 is the best quality of products and coolest, most happening thing around!
Tumas Zarskus
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