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Route 66 Nutrition is a Sports Nutrition Brand which is based in Los Angeles California.  We are a representation of Professional Athletes who are dedicated to the utmost progression of the goals in health and wellness for our clients which includes, but is not limited to Sports Nutrition. 

Our mission is to help our members and clients by utilizing the foremost supplementation and nutrition based science.  Our decades of experience in the nutrition and fitness field are proudly exemplified in the progress and magnificent accomplishments of our eclectic and varied clientele.  All of whom embody and represent the revolution of nutraceutical science and clinically proven results over and beyond the need of Pharmaceuticals.  

Route 66 The Mecca of Nutrition.

For over 100 years of American History, Route 66 has been the quintessential embodiment of our Nations profound sense of freedom, liberty and our pursuit of happiness. This Historic and Legendary highway has grown into cultural icon which has enabled our cultures Manifest Destiny to be completed. It has also served every past, present and future American as a pathway westward unifying our continent to allow us to become the Land of Opportunity by embodying the true meaning of the American Spirit itself. This American spirit represents universal freedom and advancement which has been revered and emulated as our example of institutionalized freedom and independence for the entire world to see and subsequently instilled across the globe.

Los Angeles California is known the world over as the Mecca of Bodybuilding and Physical Fitness. The world’s greatest athletes and experts in Bodybuilding, physical fitness and athletic performance have been amassing here to divulge the greatest secrets and tools of supplementation and training in Los Angeles since the dawn of the American fitness revolution which began over 70 years ago. Every top athlete in America emigrated from across the country and drove the legendary Route 66 highway amassing in Los Angeles to begin a fitness revolution which would eventually culminate the best of the best and spark a fitness revolution to spread to the ends of the earth.

Today the culmination of expertise and experience of the greatest fitness mentors and elite professional athletes from around the world have been enlisted here in LA to develop and create the premier of the best of supplement lines known as none other than Route 66 Nutrition.


Best Quality

You're products have a unique guarantee here at Route 66 Nutrition in that the quality and purity of the entire line are of paramount importance! With the guarantee of COA's (Certificates Of Analysis) you can rest assured that your supplements have been clinically qualified to the utmost of standards within the industry!

Affordable Price

Even though we are virtually the only corporation to refrain from raising our prices from the onset of Covid, we have additionally implemented a sitewide sale for all of our products which had previously been reserved for bulk orders to assure you the best price possible!

Fast Shipping

We’ll generate an order which allows you to see real-time shipping which you can track from the Onset!

Happy Clients

We’ll always seek and strive for your experience to meet or exceed our already stellar customer feedback record.

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At Affordable Price!

 With the guarantee of COA’s (Certificates Of Analysis) you can rest assured that your supplements have been clinically qualified to the utmost of standards within the industry!

As part of a secure payment, your credit card number, expiration date and cryptogram are encrypted in the transmission tp protect you and exsure that no data flows in the clear via the internet.

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